Real Food Meal Plan Winner Plus More Savings for You!

Real Food Meal Plan Winner Plus More Savings for You!

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Real Food Meal Plans for the Busy Home

I’m really excited to announce the winner of the real food meal plan giveaway. It makes me feel good that our winner can benefit from getting the real food menu plan in her inbox every week.

I love this subscription service, because it allows busy families to eat real food every night of the week, without all the extra hassle of finding recipes, figuring out what to buy at the store, and figure out when and how to prepare food.

It’s a lot of work, especially for those who are new to real foods!

As a recap, here’s what the winner will be getting:

  • Real food recipes: no hunting down good ones!
  • Shopping lists that will save money
  • Full instructions on how to make real foods at home
  • A full kitchen schedule to keep organized and on-task for each meal
  • One double recipe each week for a quick “fast food” freezer meal
  • Gluten free and dairy free options for every meal, every week!

The winner will be able to make awesome meals that their family will love,  like this one:

Real Food Meal Plans

Announcing the Winner:

The winner of a ONE YEAR subscription for Real Food Meal Plans for the Busy Home is Sara Marti – Congratulations to Sara!

Please email us within 5 days to claim your prize:

Real Food Meal Plans - What's for Dinner?

Extra Special Savings for The Rest of You!

For those of you who didn’t win, I have got a stellar deal for you. Not only can you use the coupon DELISH to save 20% on any meal plan subscription, you can also combine it with the code FAMILY for an additional $10 off any plan!

Combine these coupon codes:

  • DELISH – save 20% off any meal plan subscription (ends March 31st, 2013)
  • FAMILY – save an additional $10 off any meal plan subscription (ends April 1st, 2013)

If you sign up for a one year plan, you’ll get everything (recipes, shopping list, instructions, kitchen guidance, gluten free and dairy free options, and more!) every week for an entire year for only $6 a month!

{Click here to redeem your coupon codes}

Hurry, this offer only lasts for one week!


Do you plan on taking advantage of this amazing deal?


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