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My family has benefited greatly from the use of naturally fermented and cultured foods. For my husband, kombucha has helped his frequent stomach problems. My kids have really enjoyed homemade yogurt and it has helped many of their stomach issues as well.

My oldest son and I are the only ones who really enjoy lacto-fermented veggies at this point (and a few other members of my extended family that I share my lacto-fermented goodies with).

Perfect Pickler Review and Giveaway #fermented #pickled

The two of us together can go through a few jars of fermented pickles every couple of weeks, so it’s helpful to have a fail-proof method of pickling our favorite foods.

My Experience with Perfect Pickler

The problem with trying to ferment vegetables without any special equipment is that the results can be rather unpredictable. After reading my sister’s review of Kraut Kaps, I was eager to try out Perfect Pickler to see if I liked them as much as she liked the other vegetable fermentation brand.

My first impression of the Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Kit is that it contained everything I needed to ferment some vegetables. Well, everything except for the jar and the vegetables that is.

Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Kit Includes:

Getting the ingredients ready and the Perfect Pickler properly secured on the jar took mere minutes. I was ready to ferment in no time. I decided to try pickling some eggs with the Perfect Pickler.

Note: Pickling eggs is not recommended by Perfect Pickler because the eggs do not contain any natural cultures to start the fermentation process. I recommend starting with one of the recipes included with the kit for your first try at fermenting veggies.

Perfect Pickler Review and Giveaway #fermented #pickled

Why I Like Perfect Pickler

One of my favorite things about the Perfect Pickler is the brine overflow cup. It allows you to fill your jar with enough brine to cover your veggies without worrying about adding too much to properly fit in the jar during fermentation.

The brine overflow cup also pushes down your veggies so that they are completely submersed in the brine, an essential step in naturally fermented veggies.

What Else I Like:

  • Everything included – The only thing not included with the Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Kit is the mason jar and the vegetables you want to ferment.
  • Recipes and instructions – It comes with a booklet that explains everything about how it works and how to use it properly. It also comes with a ton of recipes!
  • Fits any widemouthed jar – It fits literally any wide-mouthed jar, though plastic is not recommended for fermenting vegetables.
  • Fermentation lock – The fermentation lock is the most beneficial thing about the Perfect Pickler. It’s what helps to deliver consistent fermentation results every time you decide to pickle something.

The only thing I had a little trouble figuring out was how to add water to the top air trap. But, with a little experimentation, I was able to figure it out and it will be easy to do in the future.

Perfect Pickler is a sponsor for our June Giveaway Splash and provided free product in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review and all of the opinions expressed are my own.

Perfect Pickler Giveaway

I’m happy to announce that Perfect Pickler has agreed to give away a Perfect Pickler Mason Jar Kit to one lucky reader of Natural Family Today!

Perfect Pickler Review and Giveaway #fermented #pickled

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