50+ Real Food Condiment Recipes

 Real Food Condiments

Condiments are probably one of the hardest kinds of food to buy without additives and preservatives. Unless you have access to a natural food store or your local store has a good natural foods section, you're not likely to have much success in your search.

Thankfully, it's super easy to make your own condiments at home! Everything from sauces and dips, to spread, jams, jellies, and seasoning mixes.

By making your own, you can control exactly what goes into each recipe. Make your recipes with only the freshest ingredients. Infuse your recipes with fresh herbs if you feel so inclined.

A few other high quality ingredients to consider:

Everyday Condiments


Dressings & Dips


Jams, Jellies, & Spreads


What is your favorite condiment to make?

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Vanessa Pruitt
Vanessa has lost 80lbs on a keto/low carb diet and is a certified wellness coach. Her goal is to inspire others to get healthier through a ketogenic diet, fitness, and mindful living. She also writes at Nerdy Millennial.

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