How Will You Celebrate Earth Day?

Celebrating Earth Day can be fun for the entire family.

This April 22 will be the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, which was celebrated for the first time in 1970. Since its humble, grassroots beginning, the cause has spread across the globe and is now celebrated world-wide in ways limited only by one’s eco-imagination. Schools, churches, environmental organizations and even governments get in on the act and encourage others to do so as well. How will you celebrate Earth Day this year? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Plant a tree – Trees do everything from absorbing CO2 emissions to providing food and shelter for wildlife. Planting trees is one of the best ways to improve our environment and provide a healthier earth for future generations. You can find varieties suited to your area at your local nursery.

Join an organized activity – Many environmental organizations hold special events on and around Earth Day. From cleaning up local water sources to removing invasive species, there are usually several activities to choose from, depending on where you live. If you’re interested in getting in on one of these events, an internet search of “Earth Day activities [insert name of city here]” should provide you with lots of choices.

Attend a festival – Virtually every major metropolitan area in the US has some sort of Earth Day festival. Activities and displays can range from alternative fuel vehicles to how to make shopping bags out of old t-shirts. There are usually plenty of games and activities for children as well, so the festivals provide great wholesome fun for the entire family.

Green your routine – There are lots of things we do in an average day that are bad for Mother Earth. Why not change one or more of those behaviors on Earth Day to pay tribute to our fine planet? Instead of jumping in the car to go to the grocery store or movie theatre, ride your bike or take public transportation instead. Declare April 22 as zero electricity day, and forgo everything electric. Play board games instead of watching television and use candles instead of electric lights.

Celebrating Earth Day with your family is a great way to show your appreciation and love for our planet. It helps teach children the value of sustainability and how they are able to make a difference. How will you celebrate Earth Day? Tell us in the comments – we’d love to know!

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Cherri Megasko

Cherri Megasko

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