Product Review! Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea Natural Soil Conditioner

Natural Home Gardeners, get ready to brew your very own composted manure tea! I did and all of my potted herbs and plants are loving me for it. Everything began to regain vigor and new growth in just a few days after I applied it. It’s easy to brew too!

Bundled together in a package of three, I received cow, horse and alfalfa tea in all natural cotton bags. One tea bag can make from one to five gallons of liquid fertilizer. I pulled out a bucket and filled it with water. All that was left to do was drop the tea bag in the bucket and let it brew for a few days. Actually, I still inked a few gallons extra by refilling the bucket a second time. It’s not over till the brown is all gone for me.

What Makes Moo Poo Tea So Good?

Farmers and gardeners alike have reaped the benefits of composted manure for centuries. Even today, according to Washington State University, tells us that manure contains the primary nutrients – nitrogen, phosphate, and potash in small amounts. But that is not all that is needed to provide all that a plant needs. Secondary elements, sulphur, calcium, and magnesium are required in substantial amounts. Micro-nutrients, including zinc, boron, iron, and copper, are also needed in minute quantities. Manures are usually an excellent source of all of these elements.

Sadly, after reading data from the University of Minnesota, I’ve come to realize just what a valuable resource organic and chemical free manure has become. As Big Ag has taken over our country and mono crop thousands of acres of the same crops, (namely corn and soy) it has left very few farms these days that once raised livestock as well as crops for a well rounded and healthy farm coexistence. Big Agriculture relies heavily on chemical fertilizers, where farmers once used the manures and composted from their own farms.

Why Use Haven Brand?

Annie Haven Began as a Young Natural Farm Girl

It was quite easy for me to become smitten with Annie Haven and her Southern Californian Ranch. In a recent interview she told me “I’ve worked hard to make Moo Poo Tea 100% environmentally binning (re-use/recycle) and consumer friendly. We have supplied large growers since 1924 but they brew in 1,000 to 10,000 gallon tanks so I had to make my packaging consumer friendly. My real pride is in raising my livestock as my family always has, free of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO/GE feed, herbicide and pesticide free.”

So you see, the Haven Ranch goes back generations of natural farming practices. Her Great Grandfather knew the value of healthy soil that in turn made for a healthy America. The growing and raising livestock continues its legacy with Annie Haven. A strong woman still winning the west and saving it for future generations.

How To Get Haven Moo Poo Tea

Visit the Authentic Haven Brand website today to order online or find a local retailer near you. If you are lacking the availability in your community, you may consider talking to your local nursery about carrying this product for you. Tell them that Haven Brand offers wholesale as well.

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Pamela Kimsey
Pammy is a organic gardener in Southeast Texas who believes diversity with natural habitats is the key to a successful garden. With a background as a commercial grower and manager for a large wholesale nursery, she became quickly dismayed with the over use of chemicals and the effects they have on life and the environment.
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9 thoughts on “Product Review! Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea Natural Soil Conditioner

  1. This sounds great living in Florida our soil is salty and not all fertilizers work would like to give this a try..Thank you for the chance.

  2. Just a tip. If using city water, let the bucket of water sit for several hours to help dechlorinate (chlorine kills the beneficial microbes). Also, try adding some unsulphered molasses to the water to feed the super-multiplying microbes. I also aerate my teas using a simple fish tank aerator. Speeds up everything–including dechlorinating.

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