Easy and Eco Recipes for Home Fresheners

Every home has a scent signature. You usually notice that when you are at somebody's place. But have you wondered what your home smells like? Interestingly, it's hard to tell because you have gotten used to the smell already.

There is a way to create a positive scent signature so that all your visitors associate your home with something positive. A lot of companies out there have the solution for you. It comes in a small package and it is supposed to smell good. It's called an air freshener. However, commercial air fresheners bring unnecessary toxic fumes into your residence. This is why you ought to consider making them yourself.


Well, here is what. Down below, we offer a couple of homemade freshener recipes for you. They will make your home smell like… well, like whatever you want it to smell. Let's get to it.

Recipe with Essential Oils

This recipe is perfect for freshening everything and anything in your home, as in your clothes, carpets, shoes, bedding, pillows, cushions, furniture, and indoor air, of course. It uses simple ingredients. Check it out.

Things you will need:

  • A few drops of essential oil (lavender, eucalyptus, lemon grass and anything of your choice)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda
  • A clean glass container
  • A clean glass spray bottle

How to make it:

Add baking soda in a small container. Follow up with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Transfer the mixture into a clean glass spray bottle and add water. Give it a good shake.

Spray all over your shoes, clothes and furniture. You can also use it to freshen the air. As the baking soda is likely to precipitate to the bottom of the bottle, you need to shake it well before each use. Otherwise it may clog the pump.

An alternative of this recipe is to skip the baking soda. Just mix water and your favorite essential oil. Again, shake well before use. It works pretty well on everything. The recipe is provided by ProCarpetCleaners SE London

Tip: Whatever item you decide to spray with this freshener, just make sure it's not soaking in solution. You don't want to promote mold growth throughout your home.

A word of caution: Every time you are using essential oils, you should place them in glass containers. See, plastic and essential oils don't usually go together. The chemical constituents in essential oils might react with the plastic. So, you want to steer clear of this combination.

Recipe with Herbs, Fruits and Spices

This DIY freshener will spread a sweet scent all over your home.

Things you will need:

  • Herbs and spices of your choosing
  • Fruits of your choosing
  • Small saucepan or pot
  • Water

How to make it:

Cut fruits of your choice to small pieces. Fill a small saucepan or pot with water. Don't fill all the way up. Add all fruits, spices, herbs and extracts you want. Put the pot on your stove and bring it to a boil. As the mixture is cooking, you will notice a sweet scent lingering in the air.

Let the mixture simmer all day. Don't forget to add water as necessary. The last thing you want is your mixture to burn. Next, when you no longer feel like doing this, remove the pot from heat and transfer the ingredients into a jar with a tight lid. When it cools, toss it in the fridge. The mixture can be used a few more times.

Suggested herbs, fruits, spices and extracts for this recipe: black peppercorns, vanilla extract, almond extract, ginger, Cedar twigs, basil, sprigs of rosemary, sliced orange, cinnamon sticks, peppermint extract, sliced lemon, cranberries, apples, limes, cardamom, coconut extract.

Additional tips: some fruits and herbs last longer, for example citrus fruits, lemon grass, thyme and rosemary.

Note that any DIY home freshener you make will probably not hold up as long as commercial air fresheners do. But so what? You can make more for next to nothing. Besides, it's much better to deodorize your home using natural ingredients than to let toxic fumes travel throughout your home. Go ahead and try it.

Kathleen Crane


Kathleen is developing a greener lifestyle for an year now. She is an experienced writer interested in home improvement and cleaning.

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