5 Methods for Recycling Old Holiday Costumes

From Halloween right on up through the New Year, the holiday season is a time for friends, family, and festivals. Many of these involve themes and costumes of some sort, leaving families with a dressing-up box that’s simply overflowing by the end of the party season. Although you can store the season’s costumes in the basement or attic for next year, there are a few other ways to reuse and recycle them. Here are a few ideas of what to do with your seasonal costumes and decorations!

Recycling Old Holiday Costumes

1. Arrange a post-holiday costume swap.

One of the easiest ways to give your sparkly Christmas tunics and Halloween superhero costumes a new life is to give them to someone else who can use them. Have you ever held a clothing swap with your friends or neighbours? You can do this with costumes as well for a fun, seasonal take on the traditional swap. You never know when an old costume will come in handy, so it’s worth going through what others have and making sure your costumes get a new home where they’ll be appreciated.

2. Throw a costume themed party.

It seems like a shame to get rid of costumes when you’ve only worn them once – and can be quite wasteful, to boot. If your children have birthday parties coming up, you could consider basing the theme around the costumes that you already have available. You could also repurpose existing costumes that you have for the new theme. This could involve transforming old Power Rangers costumes into new robot costumes, for example.

3. Repurpose costumes and decorations in craft projects.

One of the most fun ways to reuse old costumes is to incorporate them into new, DIY decorations or family craft projects! Think of all of the buttons, sparkles, and feathers involved in your children’s costumes, and let your mind run wild with the possibilities. Use decorative fabrics to make a new set of pillows or a wall hanging for your child’s room, or a pair of reindeer antlers to create a faux taxidermy 3D piece of art. You can not only use old Funidelia costumes, but also your Christmas tree decorations and ornaments. Inexpensive baubles can become very expensive-looking decorative objects when you arrange them around an upcycled mirror or fill a glass jar with them.

4. Create a fantasy dress-up closet.

All children love playing dress-up, so you can recycle old costumes this way to give the gift of imaginative play to your children. Even when your children have outgrown their pumpkin or Frozen costumes, they could reuse the accessories or transform them into something else. It’s amazing to watch what children can come up with using just a scrap of fabric.

5. Give the gift of costumes.

Finally, you can always donate your old seasonal costumes to children’s hospitals, women’s shelters, or charity shops. Charitable donations tend to drop off right after the holidays, so many organizations are quite happy to take these types of items off your hands.

There’s no need to throw your old costumes away or let them languish in a box somewhere, when you can give them new life as decorative objects or pass them down to other children!

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