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  1. It’s about how you use it and I have had extended periods without it and deactivated it twice. I have been in places with no wi-fi, so I learned not to have it and got used to it.
    I like to have it to keep in contact with friends in different time zones and is great for family photos without having to clog up the inbox. Though some friends expect me to be on 24/7, I have also switched off my phone, so I can concentrate on my book and studies.
    Like email it can be a distraction, so I check my email and facebook every couple of hours when I take a break and try no to detract by hiding the window.

  2. Facebook can really consume time. I try to avoid it on weekdays because I need to finish a lot of things. I only use facebook when I have a lot of free time in a day.

  3. I need to cut back on Facebook as well. Goodness knows that I have a lot of incomplete projects around the house that I could easily finish if I weren’t so distracted by the social media sites. I like the idea of carving out a specific time to check emails and check in on Facebook. I’m going to give it a try.

  4. Your original post actually inspired me to cut back my time on Facebook this past week! Because of this, I tackled two projects that I had put off for months: re-writing my food philsophy page + creating a graphic for it, and cleaning out my bedroom closet so I could donate A LOT of clothes that I’d been hoarding for years. I also spent the past week reading, exercising, and soaking in the sun more than usual.

    Vanessa, THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing that post! (And updating us, as well.)

    1. That’s awesome Elaina, and thanks so much for telling me about your experience. I have definitely been working on cutting back my Facebook time for good and plan on taking more complete breaks again the the future.

  5. Great job! I am not on Facebook that much, but when I do get on there, I get distracted easily. I notice when I stay off of Facebook, I myself get a lot more done. Especially with my writing. Since being online and writing can make it far too easy to hop on over to sites like Facebook.

  6. That’s incredible! Maybe if I deleted mine I would be able to focus on studying LOL! I think its a great way to connect with the world you live in and really connect with yourself as well. But one you have a Facebook its hard to go without it because it really connects you to the outside world and to people you may not see every day. What a great experiment but I don’t think I would want to try it permanently.

  7. This post is very inspiring. I resisted facebook for a years, and actually only became a consistent user once my kids were born. It’s such a nice way to share about them with our friends and family who are in other countries (of whom there are many, including my husband’s entire family). However, I have noticed now with my smart phone it is too easy to spend A LOT of time on facebook. It’s something I have wanted to cut back on, but have difficulty. I think I need to try again, and by turning off my wireless and data and only allowing my phone to serve the purpose of a phone, I think this might be easier. I definitely want to spend more quality time with my kids in the evenings, and the house could always use some cleaning…

  8. Number 2, 3, 8 and 13 brought huge smiles to my face. I admire this a lot. I struggle with overusing Facebook all of the time. I use it almost like a lifeline. The funny thing is that when I don’t use it, it’s almost like people get concerned that something is wrong with me. I think that spending time doing some of those things you listed above, especially the reading the bible more! I’m going to be taking this article under very serious consideration, less facebook make be in my future.

  9. well I still found myself online. Only this time it was about me finding work online and boy did I found them. Sure a lot of them have fees when I looked up at google search engine. however I sign-up on mostly the ones where I did not have to pay anything. But anyways the truth is I’m always taking a break from facebook and other social sites how? well I by just doing my hobbies. That includes sewing, story writing, reading books, upcycling and painting and photography. Let me just say kudos to you This is something we should try every now and then I do very much love when we are not addicted to social media.

  10. A couple of years ago I gave up Facebook for lent. The fact that it was the thing that occurred to me to do without shows what an oversized place it had taken in my life. Like with all Lenten fasts, I went back to it, but with much less attachment.

    I have many friends who have moved away and Facebook lets me feel like I am still involved in their lives. Also, I love the instant gratification of posting a picture of something my family is doing and watch the “likes” come streaming in. But I don’t sit in front of it and let it consume my evenings anymore.

    I think the best thing about your post is you show how valuable the things you put back in your life when you took Facebook out. That is pretty cool.

  11. Facebook is really addictive, its not just about seeing all your friends at the same time, its also a place where you store your memories and it stays there almost forever or as long as facebook.com stays online. Last November I gave up facebook totally. Except for my profile pic and a few details, I have ceased the act of updating it. It’s still there and when a friend makes me aware of something important or if someone was about to contact me, only then would I log into it. I realized this the hard way, when my relationship with a loved one was put to the test. Never again. No more facebook for me. I think we can appreciate our friends and family more without facebook. I know it’s important to stay in touch, but sometimes it seems everybody is in each others face and the pics and updates are all about competition. Fun fact – now everyone wants to know where I am or what I am doing, cos I am a mystery, I am not on facebook.

  12. This is such a great idea! Just this week I started limiting my Facebook time to once a day – and I actually realized that once a day I only spend a few minutes before getting sick of it and closing it, and some days I completely forget to even check my once a day.

  13. It sounds like the break did you the world of good – gosh, when was the last time I took the time to make cookies? And I’m envious that you got to tidy up your bookcases and catch up on your laundry – two things I really need to do.

    But it’s good to see that your break wasn’t all about what you got to do in place of FB time, it was also a good time to evaluate what you actually get from it, and how you like to have it in your life without it overlapping with too many other things. I get that. I take regular breaks from both FB and Twitter, and although I’m glad of the time to do other things, I’m always happy to get back to it for a while too.

    Thanks for updating us – I wondered how you would get along 😉

  14. I use Facebook to network with other businesses similar to mine, as well as to connect with friends who don’t live in my area. It seems that everytime I turn on my computer I have five or six new messages. I have a ton of things to do around my house that I probably could accomplish if I gave up Facebook for a few days. I have a basement to clean, extra laundry to do, and a novel to finish. I plan to give up all of my social networking for a few weeks to see if social networking is an excuse that I use to procrastinate.

  15. I completely got rid of facebook a while back, and I am really happy I did. It was really starting to get to me how mean people are to each other. How much drama they think it’s appropriate to share with others. How close-minded and nasty people can get!

    I just deleted it all and haven’t looked back. I do miss seeing new baby pictures and stuff like that, but I lived before facebook was even a thing. I’ll be just fine 🙂

  16. I am very happy for you. I wish that I could take a week off completely. My work is online and I am the sole breadwinner for my family. At this stage I am not able to take off any time. However, I will get there and I will switch everything off for a whole week where I will do different activities. I will not go online at all. Just one week will give me the best break of all!

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