5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Eye Sight Naturally

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Eye Sight Naturally

Vision is arguably one of the most valuable of our senses and protecting our priceless eyesight is often something that’s taken for granted. While we continue to live a healthy lifestyle, there are some ways we can naturally contribute to better vision. Some things, like age-related or inherited conditions, like congenital cataracts for example, that can’t be treated without surgery, but leading a healthier lifestyle contributes to longer lasting vision and helps to avoid these types of dilemmas.

Many of us may have been told by our parents, or even our grandparents for that matter, that eating carrots will improve our vision. Although these healthy, orange veggies provide plenty of vitamins and nutrients that are essential to our overall health, including our eyesight, consuming more of them won’t actually improve vision, it will simply help to enhance our overall health.

On this note, here are five tips that you can use to retain better, stronger vision using natural methods:

1. Exercise

An obvious choice for improving our overall health is to be more active, but these methods and exercise routines are also important choices when considering our valuable vision.

Check out this slideshow that offers some quick and easy workouts for our eyes to keep them in tip-top shape.

2. Stay Hydrated

Dry eyes are not only irritating, they could be the cause of other problems like headaches and an association with chronic pain.

Drinking plenty of fluids is essential for all of our bodily functions, including keeping our eyes. Keeping them properly hydrated from the inside may lead to refraining from the use of eye drops or other topical medications.

3. Get More Sleep

Getting enough sleep benefits every part of our body, including our eyes. While sleeping, our bodies naturally rejuvenate themselves and keep all of our organs going strong. Make sure you’re getting enough shut eye to keep your vision strong.

4. Take Breaks

Especially given today’s technologically drenched society, our eyes are being tortured by electronic devices on a daily level. It’s important to take regular breaks from excessive screen time to prevent eye strain and other possible eye problems. Remember the 20-20-20 rule when stuck behind a computer or other screen for long periods of time.

Look at something twenty feet away, for at least twenty seconds, every twenty minutes. This allows your eyes to refocus and relax throughout your workday. Set a timer on your device if you need to be reminded of this important practice.

5. Massage

Nothing beats stress and strain like a nice, soothing massage and the same is true for our eyes that experience daily pressure from normal, day-to-day activities. Although you shouldn’t rub your eyes directly, which could cause further irritation, consider areas around them that will offer some relief.

Gently rubbing your temples, use your thumb and forefinger to massage the bridge of your nose, putting a small amount of pressure and motion underneath and around your eyelids to increase blood flow will further relax this part of your body.

There’s other important tips and tricks for protecting our valuable vision including things like wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

When purchasing these lenses, make sure they’re models that block out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Do everything that you can to protect your irreplaceable vision, especially when you can do it naturally.


One thought on “5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Eye Sight Naturally

  1. Most of us don’t think about our eye health or sight until we have sustained an eye problem. Good thing, there are some still ways to naturally improve our vision and it can start with the right foods that promote good eye health and by following the well-given tips here. However, regular visiting your eye doctor and taking an eye test annually will really ensure the health of your eyes.

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