Totally Worth It

I forget that Attachment Parenting is still not the norm. I forget that I am not suppose to tell anyone we have a family bed, or my kids nurse past the age of 6 weeks (or whatever the mamby pamby timeframe is nowadays). I suppose it is all these years of AP, that has hardened me to the comments and looks. One of the benefits of being an *older mom* I guess.

One thing that I can now do, is reassure other moms that this approach is not going to ruin your kids out for life. They will still be annoying and fresh, they will still disagree with you and heck yea, they will still push all your buttons. AP doesnt create perfect children.  It does make an interesting dynamic in the family however.

My oldest two sons certainly do not think that I am  right all the time. My years (and years and years) of nursing and sleeping with them, allowing them to have a voice and accepting that they disagree with me, has resulted in some interesting but important conversations. The younger kids are still pretty young, so they are watching the interactions between the older two and myself. In our house, everyone has a voice. Everyone can disagree and state their case. This doesn't mean that they all get their own way and have no rules. Heck, we have family meetings every month.

The takeaway here is that building an AP relationship with your children is difficult at first. You hear that little voice in your brain, doubting your choices. It is hard when NOone around  you handles things the way that your family does. As you (and the kids) age, the relationship morphs into one of mutual respect. It is hard to keep on the path, but I am here to tell you, it is totally worth it.

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Amy is a WAHM of 5 awesome kids, from 16, down to 1 yrs. She writes late at night, fueled by good coffee. During the day, its farming, milking goats and homeschooling the kiddos. Not necessarily in that order. Blame it on her lack of sleep, but Amy can come across as a bit snarky. Really, she is a nice girl, just too busy raising her own family to be politically correct.

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