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DIY Natural Fruit Fly Trap

With summer fruits and vegetables comes.... fruit flies. Ugh! But forget about buying those nasty looking commercial fruit fly traps. You can make your own fruit fly trap in minutes that is easy, natural, and super effective. All you need are a few common household ingredients. Chances are you that you already have these on hand, but if not, they are available at any supermarket.


11 Budget-Friendly Real Food Hacks

Do you feel like you are spending way too much time in the kitchen trying to cook real food? Maybe you feel like you are spending too much money on real food and you want a few ideas for how to make the budget stretch. If so, you're going to love these budget-friendly real food hacks!


How to Prepare for a Great Hypnobirthing Experience

Hypnobirthing is an ideal way to train your mind and your body to relax, so that you can have a wonderful childbirth experience when the time comes. Many women who have had a hypnobirth claim that they had a painless or nearly painless childbirth, and that the methods employed through hypnosis allowed them to achieve incredible relaxation during pregnancy and labor.


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